Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Unknown - Introduction

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The Unknown: A Deinsport City Journals Story

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    "This is Colonel Daniel Pierce clocking in at 10:32 AM at location "see-bee two underscore five one one". I was called in early this morning because my head researcher was hysterical over the phone over some dangerous national security risk being housed here."


    "Nothing new. The only thing I even consider a risk is the cold coffee, and too little cream."


    "Set reminder: appeal for higher quality research materials for important research, or just get some better damn cream."


    "C'mon in." *Squee-Slam*

    "Colonel, sir."

    "At ease Doctor Taylor. I'm not in a good mood for formalities. Give me a sit-rep of why you had to call me down from the Outer Banks at such an ungodly time in the morning."

    "I apologize sir. You know I would not call upon you if it were not an emergency."

    "I understand."

    "I request that this conversation be rendered 'bug-free'."

    "Under regulation, I have to have my recorder running, but I keep this on me at all times, so it is secure. I can seal off the room from all other ears -if you really think it necessary."

    "As ear-free as possible please."

    "(Sigh...) Captain, please de-bug my room. Security check in ten minutes. I want all ears off of us, copy?"

    "Yes sir. Shutting off all systems in your office. We will send a team to your room if we do not hear from you in ten minutes. Over and out."

    "Thank you son. Now Doctor, have a seat, and tell me what you are so worried about."

    "You understand that we now house a code 'Black' artifact in our premises, correct?"

    "As we have before."

    "But did you know its not a foreign object this time? It's the Centauri."

    "...Excuse me?"

    "Yes. A Centauri."

    "I thought they scattered the Centauri from the project years ago? And now you're telling me that you found one and you had the audacity to bring it here?"

    "Sir, I understand your frustration with the Gates Project, I agree that they were unstable in many ways, but-"

    "No! I don't believe you understand my frustration. Not only were they... ARE they unstable, but they are morally terrifying! Look, I'm not religious by any means, but observe. Their production. Their purpose. Their power. Their freedom into the world!" How is something good bound to that project? Nothing!"

    "Permission to freely speak sir?"


    "Permission to-"

    "Yes! Spit it out."

    "I believed you accepted your responsibilities here to benefit the safety of this nation. We now have a potentially dangerous situation here, and I need a commanding officer to handle it."

    "...Fine. How long has it been here?"

    "We had it detained and secure at five-hundred nine hours yesterday morning."

    "Okay, now what number Centauri is it?"
    "We are not sure, but we believe it is from the second series."

    "How do you know that? Seems like a short amount of time to figure that out."

    "We lost twelve elites and three researchers taking it into custody."
    "Twelve? That seems to be a lot."

    "Well... it could be a third series."

    "No, a third?! Why the Hell did you even bring one of those things here?"

    "It was not my call sir. Now it is here. I ask for direction of how we go about handling the current situation."

    "If its a three, I want that thing out of here. I don't care if you have to put it in the center of the earth, just get it away from here. Got that?"

    "But sir-"

    "That's an order Doctor. You got that?"

    "...Yes, sir."

    "Good woman. Now, if its a series two, its less of a problem, but still dangerous. However, I will need 
you to safely interrogate it for information as a first step."

    "So far, it has resisted all forms of interrogation. We're beginning to resort to harsher methods and-"

    "No. Use the harshest methods. Even those revoked by the UN."

    "But... sir!"

    "That's an order. Don't test me again. That thing is not human... at least not anymore. It wouldn't mind tearing you to pieces if it had a chance to. Now, for a second step, I want the President notified as soon as possible."

    "Yes sir. Anything else?"

    "Yes. Triple our security. There has to be more out there close by. Also, if this Centauri that you've captured is truly a series three..."


    "Well... if its a three, then the others will be here soon."



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