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    Our team would like to gather information from other citizens of Deinsport. If you would like to submit a journal, then please contact me by leaving a comment below

    On another note, while I don't believe that our offices will have any trouble with this, please keep excessive language and sexual content out of submissions. People do swear, and if someone in your Journal happens to run his mouth off every once in a while, we will be fine recording that. However, excessive swearing may be edited for professionalism. For sexual content, please just keep this out of my inbox. Usually, we turn cases with sexual content into the Deinsport City Police Department's special cases unit, so you will not be seeing any sexual content in this database. Neither will any be posted from submissions. I also reserve the right bestowed by the internet to not post anything that was submitted to me. If your content is good, it probably will be posted. If your content is bad, then it will not be posted. Pretty simple, so spend some time with your work in order to have it posted on our database. If you would prefer to post a video of narration of a dramatization of the situation, then please do so. Just make sure it is your original content and that you consent for me to post it to the database.

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