These are the authors that type documentation from the DDS. These individuals have worked on the cases that they have posted, and each author has a unique style of writing.

Jonathan Bell

           Jonathan has been in charge of the DDS for a significant amount of time. His workforce consists of a broad array of characters that both show complex minds and brilliant deciphering. By day, most take him as a generally joyful person, but by night, he lives for the dark.

James Fairview

           James Fairview joined the DDS after he had a chance meet up with Jonathan Bell.  He used to work as a top ranking DA, but for unknown reasons, he retired from his DA work and went off the grid for a few years.

Maria Anders

           A mysterious woman living under the scope of an unforgiving society, Anders is a regular contributor to the DDS and has worked with Jonathan directly to ensure that the journals are neat and interesting.

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