Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Dances and Threats - Author Shade

Hacked File Encryption - Source: Unknown

Dances and Threats - Author Shade

Standard security systems malfunctioning. Waiting for reboot...

Process failed! Would you like to send an error report?

Absolum_wonka28 launching...
decrypting now... success! 
Launching new chat overlay...
Opening chat session…

Proxy40K: Sweet, it worked!

Proxy40K: So you're probably wondering who I am. Let me introduce myself.

Proxy40K: I’m that “Steve” person from Maria Ander’s post. She could have picked a better fake
name though. Steve? Seriously?

Proxy40K: Oh, don’t bother trying to trace this. You don’t have the right tech stuff. So just sit
back and enjoy the ride.

Proxy40K: Also, if you ever see these things *** then that’s just my automatic filter that’ll keep
out any names that might get me killed. It also replaces (using these brackets [ ] ) some
names with the fake ones that Maria Anders established in her posts to you. So anyways, now I’m going
to connect this to Maria so that I can carry out this fun conversation for you to read when you get back from your squandering around the city. It's going to be so fun feeding this to you. Just one sec…

{Logical1 just joined the conversation}

Proxy40K: Hey sunshine.

Logical1: Hacking my account is stalkerish, or did you not get the memo?

Proxy40K: What if I like stalkerish? ;)

Logical1: Then good luck getting anywhere in life. So what’s your motive this time?

Proxy40K: Do I have to have a motive?? Come on…

Logical1: U always have a motive.

Proxy40K: Fine, my motive is to ask you out.

Logical1: I’m not in the mood to play this game today. I’ve got work, so is it ***, or ***, or
who? Or maybe it’s just your mission in life to annoy me.

Proxy40K: Same old… Same old.

Logical1: You’re loosing me [Steve]…

Proxy40K: Fine, you can go, I’ve just got some information you might want, so if you don’t want

Logical1: Spit it out.

Proxy40K: Ah, but you see, that’s not how this works. We do things my way when I’ve got the


Proxy40K: Now is that the right attitude?

Logical1: Play yourself to pieces.

Proxy40K: You’re no fun. But I’m still going to have fun whether you like it or not. So, the
question game… What do you know about me?

Logical1: Other than the fact that you’re an annoying spy/ hitman that’s in over his head?

Proxy40K: Yeah, other than that.

Logical1: And other than physical description?

Proxy40K: Well, unless you count the scar, no.

Logical1: Oh, so this has to do with the fact that YOU SWITCH SIDES IF SOMEONE PAYS
YOU ENOUGH??? Oooh, never will forget the *** incident.

Proxy40K: Mm-hm… Right on the mark, though I did give you a good hint this time.

Logical1: So you’re not with [Lester] anymore.

Proxy40K: Nope, which makes me free to blow your cover if that helps me.

Logical1: There, motive. This is a threat.

Proxy40K: If that makes things work for you, then yes.

Logical1: So what is it that you want?

Proxy40K: In time, my dear.

Logical1: Riddles.

Proxy40K: Not at all, I just mean I’ll be getting my demands to you soon enough! So impatient,
aren’t we MARIA…

Logical1: If you blow my cover, you’ll be sorry if you’re not dead.

Proxy40K: Whoa, I thought I was the one threatening here?

Logical1: Cute.

Proxy40K: I could blow you’re cover right now and get so far away, you’d never be able to touch
me. So you might want to reconsider your attitude.

Logical1: Oh

Proxy40K: No one can interpret an “oh” in a chat room. Whatcha thinking about?

Logical1: So I’m guessing I’ll be able to read this conversation on that Desinsport detective site.

Proxy40K: Yep. Your call, Miss Anders. Oh, BTW, I so hate that name you gave me.

Logical1: I’ll be leaving before someone figures out how to track my location.

Proxy40K: You’ll do as I say cuz I got the power at the moment.

Logical1: Prisoner, am I? I think u need me for something. You won’t tick me off just yet.

Proxy40K: Fine, leave. But I still hate my fake name.

Logical1: Knew you would.

Proxy40K: Exactly, so my first demand is that I get a new one.

Logical1: Really? You’re so trivial.

Proxy40K: I WANNA NEW NAME. Please? :3

Logical1: Fine, shall we call you “Jerk-off” instead?

Proxy40K: My new fake name… DRUMROLL… Is Shade.

Logical1: Shade. Really? Shade? Whatever…

Proxy40K: YES. Shade. Now Miss Sunshine, maybe I should make my second demand a date.
Or… Something better than just a date.

Logial1: Shut it.

Proxy40K: After all, you REALLY don’t want your cover blown…

Logical1: I’d kill you, maybe in the middle of a dance, but you’d expect that.

Proxy40K: Ah yes. But I do have associates that could carry out the threat in the case of me getting
killed. You know what? I’m starting to like this idea.

Logical1: [personal edit, sorry: she just basically bad-mouthed me in a long line of annoyed
cussing. I thought I’d save you the discomfort. ;) ]

{Logical1 has left the conversation.}

Proxy40K: So yeah, I just used this to threaten her. And since I don’t really care about everyone
knowing what we said, have at it! You won’t track me down, so shit, let the world read
this. Shade out.

{Proxy40K has left the conversation}

Chat overlay disconnected.
Counter-tracing enabled.

Process failed! Would you like to send an error report?

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