Sunday, January 6, 2013

I'm Magic - Author Fairview - Part 2

I'm Magic - Fairview

Official Journal: File #---7. Part 2

<Devnotes: Files have been unlocked to show less code>

Fairview Case Report: 07, section 2

“Here’s my card. I’m detective Jonathan Bell. Gimme a call if you’re interested. The pay isn’t brilliant but I promise having a paycheck and dealing with me will be a lot easier than having none and dealing with beard-face over there. He seems like he has a bone to pick with you. Which reminds me. I’d better be going. Until next time.”

Aw man, this did not look good. Beard guy was drunk, angry, and headed right towards me. Also, he had a bottle.

“Heey, you little punk cheater sonuvabitch, you gonna pay for what you was gonna do to me!” Slurred speech, wobbly footfalls. This guy was wasted. His red beard was full of crumbs. Gross. Arguing with drunk people never goes well, so I started to make my way outside. I walked out the front door of the bar and started making my way down the street. My apartment was only about a block from here and once I got there I’d be *WHAM*.

Something hit me, hard, in the left shoulder-blade, and I hit the pavement. No time to think. I rolled to the side as he forcefully tried to step on my face, but his depth perception was so bad he would have missed anyway. I stood up, got behind him, grabbed his arm, twisted it around his back, and then kicked him behind the knee. His shoulder POPPED out noisily as he spun around and landed, face first, on the sidewalk. I threw the knife across the street.

Wait, knife? He had a knife? Where did that come from? How did he get here so fast? I felt warmth spreading down my back, and for some reason my left arm wouldn’t move, and I couldn’t see and<error508_decryption_garbled>

<Searching for next decryptable entry>
. . .
<Entry found>
<Resuming Decryption.exe>

“Time to rise, Mr. Fairview. Time to rise and smell the ashes” Someone said in the darkness. Whoah, light, there’s light. And a person. With a hat. What? What on earth... where was I? What is this place? Huh?

“What happened to me?! Get me out of here!” I sat up way too fast and grey-zoned it back onto what looked like a hospital bed. There was an IV in my arm. White curtains on a white window frame with light blue walls. But this wasn’t a hospital.

And that creepy guy who gave me his card at the bar was standing next to my bed.

“HOLY SH-” He clamped his hand firmly over my mouth and I started to freak out even more. What on earth was going on here?! I forced myself to resume mental/physical control and he pulled his hand off of my face.
“I’m sorry, but I can’t have you making a lot of noise. You’re in good hands- well, at least my hands. I’ve had a private doctor evaluate your condition and you are going to be just fine. You got stabbed by the belligerent at the bar. Just sit tight, you have a big day ahead of you tomorrow.”
“Excuse me? I don’t remember signing up for your team. This isn’t how it works. This should be voluntary.”

He turned and looked at me, but I couldn’t see his face from a cast shadow. I could feel a second of sadness within him though. But the sadness vanished and I felt his mind shift towards the goal at hand... whatever that looked like.

“You’re right. It should be. But if you’re the person I’ve read you are, you will want to help us. Also we have a case we need you for. Now. It can’t wait and it directly involves you and your skillset. We start work tomorrow.” Man, oh man. I didn’t want to do this at all. But a part of me was interested in whatever this Bell guy had up his sleeve.
“I get paid?” I needed cash most desperately.
“Yes. You also get a living space here. Free room and board. We have our own facilities and everything.”

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