Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Beginning

The Beginning

Personal Documentation: File #---1 V.2

   The door jarred open as a hand forcefully pressed on the rusting handle. Wood shards scattered on the floor as the door creaked open. A cold blast from damp concrete and rotting wood flooded Mark's senses. The constant rain and Deinsport's surprisingly cold climate certainly did a number on the buildings in the projects. Opening the door with a long creak, Mark reached inside and wiped his hand down the soggy wall to search for a light switch. A small plastic knob nudged his palm, and he wiped back upward to engage the lightbulb hanging above him. The wires warmed to emit a weak light, but enough to make the upward steps visible.

    "The wiring's bad." Mark spoke over his shoulder. 

    "Well that's surprising." A low, sarcastic voice responded from inside the van parked outside. A dark figure clad in a black suit slid out the back and stood. His face was concealed from the shadow of the trunk door and the brim of his hat, but his black shoes and tie shown clearly and neatly in the dreary weather. "Did you think the skeptical council was going to hand us a shiny apartment for us to stay in?"

    "Shut it Ivan, its fine." Mark rolled his eyes. "Bring in the toolkit first; it looks like this place might need a few adjustments before its comfortable" Mark shouted, making his way up the stairs.

    Ivan let out an amused "humph". "Adjustments, or a facelift?" Ivan released under his breath.

    "What's that? Ow- ah hell." Mark asked, stumbling up the steps and scuffing his only pair of dress shoes.

    Mark reached the top of the stairs and eyed the moldy abode that would be their home and headquarters for a while. Weeks prior to their arrival, Ivan had received several reports requesting investigation of criminal and paranormal activity in the city of Deinsport. The city was on a coastal bay that seemed to suffer from poor weather and lingering illness. It could be the coastal wind or the haunting presence of abnormalities, but nevertheless, the climate could only be described as "cold and miserable".

   After consideration, Mark decided to give a pitch to the city council, offering their unique detective services. Ivan and Mark were both professional investigators specializing weapons training, forensics, and psychology. Other members of the team were outcasts that specialized in other talents and areas. Yet every member had a very specific ability; sensing the paranormal. Unlike other investigators, Mark and Ivan had the ability to sense spirits, detect ill intentions, and other insights that most would only dream of finding.

   Ivan joined Mark at the top of the stairs, dropping the toolkit on the ground. He inhaled slowly, then coughed gently. "Smells awful. What is that, rotting cardboard?"

   Mark nodded. "Yeah, and a hint of cigarette smoke too. I don't think we're going to get that smell out." While impossible to see Ivan's face, Mark felt that he probably was not happy about the situation. He turned and started to climb down the steps to retrieve another box from the loaded van

   It would take a few days to get the place well equipped for living and working, but Mark had an itch that this city held dark secrets that were waiting for him to uncover.

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